Eferon School has been in operation since 2013 and is a technical adult school that understood the need for occupations for Green Jobs, when New Jersey State, (the second largest state for Green Jobs) focused on a greener economy; a demand for a green-educated workforce was created, which generated a larger demand of jobs in this field. The Goal and Purpose of our organization are not only to train and prepare the unemployed population to become Renewable Energy Technicians but, to enrich our clients’ life at improving, as positive and happy adults; recognizing their potential by achieving and attaining a level of confidence to move forward in life. Our Vision is to train, coach, and inform our students of the resources available to succeed in job retention; students possessing a sense of value are compelled and willing to give back to their communities.

Eferon Solar Solutions

Enrollment Procedures

Students must apply for entrance to the Eferon Solar Solutions training program by scheduling an interview with the School Admissions Director. Enrollment applicants must complete the entrance interview no later than one week before classes commence. The following guideline is to ensure a smooth transition into our learning environment.

  • Be 17 years of age or older (verified by birth certificate/ or valid state photo ID)

  • Have HS Diploma or GED or equivalent

  • Provide emergency contact and two references

  • Have a complete interview with School Admissions Director

  • A complete enrollment application packet

  • Submit an official transcript

  • Must pass a criminal background check

  • Pay $150 Administration fee

Note: Please submit a copy of driver's license or another official government id to apply for grant funding.

Applicants please download the form either PDF or Word version complete the form and save with a dash and your name at the end of the file name (Example: Hudson_county_Career_On-Stop_form-John_Doe.PDF or .docx.) and email to