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Placement Assistance

Eferon Solar Solutions maintains a placement service to assist students and alumni to find suitable entry-level employment. The school encourages all students to work after school to defray the cost of their training and to obtain valuable work experience while attending school.

The Placement Office schedules periodic seminars before graduation. During these seminars, the Placement Office encourages students to make individual appointments to discuss their employment needs. The student will receive instruction on professional dress attire, professional attitude, and all essential skills necessary to advance in today's job market.

The Placement Office will then arrange appointments with prospective employers. The student is expected to keep appointments, arrive promptly, be properly attired, and report back with the results of the interview. Students are made aware of various types of employer background checks and drug testing requirements for employment. Applicants are made aware that sexually related convictions and felonies make it exceedingly difficult for any individual to gain employment with solar companies. Many solar projects are in residential areas and within the applicable distance of a school zone, and for legal liability purposes, the companies we’ve networked, affiliated, and partnered with have declined employment to applicants matching this description. Remember- the school will assist you in every way possible, but only you can get the job.

Eferon Solar Solutions

Applicants may obtain information on the percentage of graduates who have obtained positions in the field for which they were trained and their average starting salary from the Admissions Office. This information is readily available for everyone to see. The school cannot make guarantees of employment. The school will make every attempt through its placement service to successfully place all graduates in an appropriate position in the chosen career field, but there is no guarantee of employment upon completion, nor has one been stated or implied. All students must comply with the rules and regulations of the Placement Office or the school may consider the student ineligible for placement assistance.

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