Solar Energy Technician

Course Description

Each training module arranges course material and training exercises over 300 hours (or 15 weeks) to strengthen the student to become successful in understanding the basic concepts of electricity, electrical connections, and circuitry. Students also learn the underlying concepts of semiconductor technology, which is the spin and principal drive of the ever-increasing technology. The understanding of semiconductors will launch the student into appreciating the basics of a PV module and its functioning as well as different types of mounting systems used. The curriculum details expansive fundaments that usher people of different academic orientations into a fun-filled reality of science in its empirical applications. The program is available for anyone with a high school diploma or GED, capable of working outside and at heights above 10ft, able to lift 50lbs., and can operate and use powered tools. Students who complete the course will become equipped with sound contemporary knowledge about various lists of components and equipment needed for PV system maintenance and become equipped with hands-on training in multiple troubleshooting techniques.

Eferon Solar Solutions
Eferon Solar Solutions

The purpose of the curriculum is to empower the student with a basic understanding of the photovoltaic system. In the study, the individual is taught the principles in PV system designing, installation, energy conservation, and efficiency and safety issues relating to electricity and photovoltaic systems. Our goal is to develop the individual beyond the entry-level PV Associate title and prepare for a new and exciting career as a professional licensed renewable energy technician full of potential and lucrative work opportunities. The graduates will be able to sit for the NABCEP PV Associate exam. Career opportunities include PV system design and installation, maintenance and commissioning, and DAS (Data Acquisition System). There is a wide range of in-house labs where the students have a hands-on energy analysis and system design as well as installation.


Admission is open to all persons. The school will admit individuals who have a high school diploma or GED, or equivalent. The "equivalent" is the evaluated educational report for foreign credentials issued by an approved accredited evaluating company. The evaluation report must be sent to the admission office directly from the evaluating company.

A desire for a career in business or industry coupled with a solid drive to succeed is all that is required of an applicant. A member of the admissions department must interview all applicants. Applicants must demonstrate the ability to benefit from the training and be committed to completing their program of study. If the applicant desires to pursue a selected program, an appointment for a school tour is made for a future date, allowing time to investigate other schools and opportunities. All applicants must also complete an Aptitude and Assessment Test. If the applicant, by our admissions criteria, does not meet the minimum requirement for acceptance, they will be encouraged to improve their basic skills before enrollment. Upon request, the applicant will be given the location of the nearest Adult Learning Center. If testing indicates the applicant would be better suited in a different career, the Admissions Representative would recommend an alternative. At this point, the applicant signs an enrollment agreement, and the application and registration fees are requested. Any applicant rejected by the school will receive a refund of all monies paid to the school. The applicant is given conditional acceptance until the school gets the applicant's high school diploma, GED, or Basic Skills Test scores.

To graduate, students must complete all required assignments and classwork with a final Garde Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 or above. Students must have a minimum attendance rate of 80 percent of the scheduled time. Tuition accounts must be satisfied. A student who satisfactorily completes a diploma program will receive a Diploma upon graduation. A Certificate will be issued to those students who complete the Certification program.